Here in the Southwest of WA we are providing the hiring service of birthing pools and TENs machines.


Booking form below
Early booking is encouraged to secure your pool - we have limited pool packages available each month.

Delivery of your pool will be around 37 weeks, you will be contacted around that time to arrange your delivery.

All pool packages come with instructions please read and follow directions to ensure the pool is returned in good working condition, if a pool is returned damaged you are responsible to cover the cost of a replacement.
If a pool is returned wet or soiled you will NOT receive your refundable deposit.
Please ensure pools are packed away clean and dry.

Total Payments are due by 37 weeks - unless arranged otherwise.
Payment plans accepted

Delivery costs 
Balingup - Donnybrook $10
Dardanup - Gelorup - Dalyellup - Bunbury $20
Eaton - Millbridge - Australind - $25
Other areas can be arranged. These cost are in place for the travel required for both delivery and pick up.

Pick up from Greenbushes is available

My birth pools come to you clean, sanitized and ready to use. I hire everything you need to inflate, deflate and fill your pool quickly and efficiently. The pool can be used at home or in hospital. I take great pride in ensuring my customers are completely satisfied with the condition and standard of my Birthing Pool Packages and my friendly efficient service. I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your birthing experience.

• Hire Pools must be used with a disposable liner. All prices include a new liner.

• Advance Bookings Essential.

• Our hire agreement is for a six week rental period. You can have your pool up to three weeks prior to your expected due date then three weeks after your EDD.

• There is no refund if you don't end up using the pool. Your deposit is refunded on return of the pool if it is on time, in good condition with all accessories included. The refund will be given by bank transfer after inspection of the pool.

Elle TENS Machine
$85 - plus $50 refundable deposit

 Elle TENS is one of the most award-winning Labour TENS devices available to Australian mums-to-be. Labour TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during childbirth. 

Elle TENS is a safe, effective, drug-free method of pain relief, which still allows you to use other analgesics, such as pethidine or gas-and-air if you wish.

 Basic Hospital Package
$155 - plus $70 refundable deposit

Package includes- Pool, pool liner & air pump.

Cocoon like shape to provide an intimate space, yet with plenty of room to move

Deep blue colour to enhance the sense of privacy and induce deep relaxation

Inflated floor to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.

Spacious Inner Space

Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly without being too deep that you feel insecure.

Two solid internal handles, exactly where you need them! Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while you push, voted best feature by many women and midwives.

Compact & Slim line


Maxi Hospital Package
$175 - plus $70 refundable deposit

Package includes- Large pool, pool liner & air pump.

The Maxi is larger than our La Bassine Original birthing pool, holding up to 628 litres of water and can comfortably accommodate two people

There are two grab handles at the top, for ease of access into the pool. On the inside, there are four more handles, perfectly placed for added comfort – just where you need them.

There are no unnecessary built in obstacles inside the pool. Our Maxi pool has been designed to help you enjoy a safe and comfortable birth. As with our La Bassine original birth pool, it has transparent sides, allowing clear visibility.

Cocoon like shape, with plenty of room for two people to move around.

Deep, inflated floor, to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.

Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly without being too deep that you feel insecure.

Two top handles for assistance when getting in and out of the pool.

The Maxi pool has three separate chambers! If one chamber were punctured, water would be retained by the other two.


Homebirth Package
$235 - plus $8
0 refundable deposit

Package includes - large pool, air pump, submersible pump, clean water hose, grey water hose & pool liner.

New eco-friendly material

Deep enough to give bouyancy without compromising midwife support The minimum recommended depth of water to provide bouyancy for a mother in labour is 45cm (Source: The Waterbirth Book by Janet Balaskas). New birth pool in a box has an internal depth of 66cm and since the sides are stiff when inflated.

New top handles added for control Mothers asked for a means to control their movements while floating and some wanted additional gripping points.

Three independent chambers for improved safety The sides of birth pool in a box are made of 3 independent tubular chambers stacked on top of each other. If one of them should puncture by accident, only 1/3 of the wall height will be lost.

Comfortable and welcoming This doesn’t look like a medical device! It is welcoming and the inflated sides are comfortable to rest upon. This is conducive to your relaxation which will enhance the production of the hormone oxytocin, speeding up your labour. Double-reinforced handles Mothers requested strong handles on the outside of the pool for use when leaning on the side facing out. They are angled at 30 degrees for comfort and secure the disposable liner in place.

Sturdy enough for birth partner and midwives to support from any position

Fast to inflate and fill Any air hand pump or electric pump with standard fittings can be used to fill the pool in around 10 minutes, although some cheaper ones may not be powerful enough to fill the pool to the required pressure. Water filling time depends on your hot-water system. This Regular pool holds the equivalent of approximately 4 bathtubs of water.

Proven in the field Birth Pool In A Box has been used successfully for labour and birth by thousands of women in Britain and Europe.

Designed with purpose Birth Pool In A Box is designed with safety, practicality, comfort and resilience in mind.

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