Flaky Skin Box for Kids

Flaky Skin Box for Kids

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If like millions of children around the world, your child suffers from a dry skin condition such as baby eczema ortoddlereczema, the first thing to do is start using a soap-free wash. Say no to bubble baths and switch to a very gentle organic baby oil, baby balm or baby moisturiser paired with a nourishing oil wash, such as VATÉA’s Soothing Oil Wash.  We understand this can be a challenge and we’re here to support you with quality natural eczema skin care for children that is plant-based and based on ingredients used for thousands of years.

In our products you’ll find key oils of tamanu oil, coconut oil and moringa oil to support skin rashes, eczema, irritations, cuts and abrasions (ingredients that have been used by families across the South Pacific and South East Asia for generations). In fact, tamanu oil was so valued by Polynesian Islanders they would carve idols out of the wood to be used at the centre of many island ceremonies.

Lovingly packed inside our Flaky Skin Box you’ll find:

  • SOOTHING OIL WASH: a gentle natural baby and toddler wash that ensures the skins’ natural oils remains in balance. VATÉA’s Soothing Oil Wash is a creamy, coconut, soap-free oil wash infused with plant extracts to support healing and prevent dry skin. Just a few squirts are needed for a moisturising cleanse. Plus this multi-use product is perfect for the whole family and can be used as a make-up remover or as a shaving oil for mum or dad.
  • GENTLE BABY BALM: a gentle, organic baby balm that can be used as a bottom balm, nipple balm as a healing balm for cuts and abrasions to support healing without stinging the skin. Apply this balm regularly throughout the day on dry flaky skin to allow healing and restoration of the skins’ natural oil production.
  • LOVING BABY MASSAGE OIL: a beautiful baby massage for your child to use before bedtime. Not only does the chamomile and lavender oil soothe the skin with mum or dads’ loving touch, but these nourishing ingredients also support the healing of all dry skin conditions.
  • HAPPY BABY MOISTURISER: VATÉA’s Certified Organic baby moisturiser is a creamy and extremely gentle moisturiser for baby. With added plant extracts of coconut oil and moringa oil, our Happy Baby Moisturiser is formulated to support irritated skin and nurture normal skin.