Organic Baby Dream - Gift Box

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VATÉA’S beautiful Australian Certified Organic Baby Dream Gift Box comes filled with our entire award-winning, Our Small Worldorganic baby skin care range. Lovingly packed inside you’ll find:

  • DREAMY BABY WASH: a soap-free, organic baby wash that is lightly fragranced with essential oils of mandarin, chamomile and lavender.
  • HAPPY BABY CREAM: a mild and gentle organic baby moisturiser infused with coconut oil, moringa oil, tamanu oil, aloe vera and delicate essential oils of mandarin, chamomile and lavender.
  • GENTLE BABY BALM: a wonderful organic baby balm for baby and mum. This balm can be used as a bottom balm to support baby eczema, toddler eczema, dry irritated skin and as a nipple balm for mum.
  • LOVING BABY MASSAGE OIL is a gentle organic baby massage oil for your bub’s dry skin. VATÉA’s baby massage oil supports bonding between mother and baby through touch and fosters a good night rest for all.
  • VATÉA BABY PLAYSUIT: an added bonus and gift to you. This garment is a 100% cotton baby playsuit perfect for newborns, featuring the word 'Ours' to celebrate the birth. Plus, you’ll also receive our Certified Organic Coconut Oil Soap made by the Pacific Island’s Women in Business program of Western Samoa. We’re thrilled to support these amazing women who harvest and process coconuts and other seed and fruit oils to ensure women can be independent earners to support the education and healthcare of their children and their community.